Families Welcome

Our Cottages are ideal for spending quality time together.


Taking your family on holiday should be one of the happiest times in your lives and should be as stress free as possible.

Often going away as a family is unfortunately far from happy or stress free. You can only take a limited amount of luggage on a plane, the catering may not suit your routine  or likes and dislikes, hotel rooms are generally small and poorly equipped - leaving parents of young children with little to do other than watch TV and tip-toe around the room to avoid waking the baby.

Here at Destinations Cottages we believe that family time is important and strongly believe that families should not have to hunt around to find good, suitable accommodation - which is why all our properties are family friendly.

Not only do our properties provide the space and facilities you need for your family but we are also happy to supply cots, high chairs and stair gates without charge. 

All our properties are located just a short walk from some of the finest beaches in the UK, local parks, and numerous activities suitable for every family member however young or old they may be.

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